Interviews and Other Biographical Materials

For additional biographical background about William Cronon, see the following:

Hour-long video interview with Harry Kreisler's "Conversations with History" series at the University of California, Berkeley in April 2013 on "The Life and Work of an Environmental Historian" Video

"An Environmentalist on a Different Path: A Fresh View of the Supposed 'Wilderness' and even the Indians' Place in It," New York Times. April 3, 1999. pg. B7. PDF

William Poole, "Conservation and Patriotism: A Conversation with William Cronon," Land & People 18:2 (Fall 2006), 46-50. PDF

“An Interview with William Cronon,” Scapes (Parsons New School for Design, Department of Architecture, Interior Design, and Lighting), 5 (Fall 2006), 34-45. PDF

"Landscape and Home: Environmental Traditions in Wisconsin," Wisconsin Magazine of History 74:2 (Winter, 1990-91), 83-105. PDF

"Afterword: The Book That Almost Wasn't," Changes in the Land: Indians, Colonists, and the Ecology of New England, 20th Anniversary Edition (New York: Hill & Wang, 2003), 171-85.