William Cronon's Major Articles

"Getting Ready to Do History," Carnegie Essays on the Doctorate, Carnegie Initiative on the Doctorate, Carnegie Foundation, Palo Alto, 2004, 1-18. PDF

"The Riddle of the Apostle Islands: How Do You Manage a Wilderness Full of Human Stories?" Orion (May-June 2003), 36-42. PDF

"Why the Past Matters," Wisconsin Magazine of History, 84:1 (Autumn 2000), p.2-13. Awarded the William Best Hesseltine Award for the best article published in the Wisconsin Magazine of History in 2000-2001. PDF

"Only Connect.. . : The Goals of a Liberal Education," The American Scholar, (Autumn, 1998), p.73-80. html PDF

"The Trouble with Wilderness, or, Getting Back to the Wrong Nature," Environmental History, 1:1 (January 1996), 7-55, with comments by Samuel P. Hays, Michael P. Cohen, Thomas R. Dunlap, and a response by William Cronon. HTML PDF

"Inconstant Unity: The Passion of Frank Lloyd Wright," in Terence Riley, ed., Frank Lloyd Wright: Architect (New York : Museum of Modern Art, 1994), 8-31. PDF

"The Uses of Environmental History" (Presidential Address, American Society for Environmental History), Environmental History Review, 17:3 (Fall 1993), p.1-22. PDF

"A Place for Stories: Nature, History, and Narrative," Journal of American History 78:4 (March, 1992), p.1347-1376. Winner of 1993 ABC-Clio Prize from Organization of American Historians for most innovative article published in a history journal during preceding two years. PDF

"Telling Tales on Canvas: Landscapes of Frontier Change," In: Discovered Lands, Invented Pasts: Transforming Visions of the American West (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1992).

"Landscape and Home: Environmental Traditions in Wisconsin," Wisconsin Magazine of History 74:2 (Winter, 1990-91), 83-105. PDF

"Modes of Prophecy and Production: Placing Nature in History," in "A Round Table: Environmental History," Journal of American History 76:4 (March 1990), 1122-31.

"Ecological Change and Indian-White Relations," in Indian-White Relations, ed. Wilcomb Washburn, Volume IV of Handbook of North American Indians, ed. William Sturtevant (Washington: Smithsonian Institution, 1989) (co-authored with Richard White).

"Revisiting the Vanishing Frontier: The Legacy of Frederick Jackson Turner," Western Historical Quarterly, 18:2 (April 1987), 157-76.


A much more comprehensive list of William Cronon's articles is available on his curriculum vita.